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Welcome to the Machine

Has technology helped us become more productive and better citizens? Or have we become cogs in a machine? Are we knowledge workers? Or slaves to technology?


Are you Mindful? 


The Digital Divide in Rural Americia

"I'll have the Big Mac value meal with a side of wi-fi."  Interesting article in today's Wall Street Journal about the lack of internet access in rural America.  After 17 plus years since the first dial-up connection in the United States, we're still not closer to closing the digital divide.  It is sad that in some areas of the country, places like McDonald's provide the only wi-fi connection for children when schools and libraries are closed.  How does an educator build an e-learning community when some students still don't have access to internet connections at home?

 Link to the WSJ article: The Web-Deprived Study at McDonalds   



The Great Digital Divide




"The lack of technology access and skills puts disadvantaged members of our society increasingly at risk of becoming disenfranchised spectators of a digital world that is passing them by, bit by bit.”
— Milliron and Miles, 2000, Educause Review